Further Activities

The society planed to achieve its objectives in a phased manner. The first step was the construction of the current home for street children. Since 2002 this home is running at full capacity and for all children personal sponsorships were arranged by the German NGO "ali sk e.V." which also provides a substantial part of the running costs.

With the first home well established and running at full capacity it was intended to start as soon as possible with the second phase of the project, the construction of a second home on the adjacent land acquired by the society. The construction of this second building eventually started in August 2004 and came to an end in March 2005. In April 2005 the first children moved in and the second building now gives some more street children a home for the first time in their lives. Our two homes for street children now form a small compound with a play ground between the two buildings.

A last step will be the construction of a small campus in the countryside for recreation and further accommodation. There it is also planned to promote alternative and renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power, bio-gas, etc. as well as bio-dynamic farming, i.e. without the use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides.