ASKMSC is dedicated to help the street children of Kolkata.
It is estimated that some 100,000 children are living on the streets of Kolkata, whether with their families, orphaned or simply abandoned. The majority of them never attends any school and lives in extreme poverty.

They spend their nights under the open sky and pursue the vocations of rag-picking or street trades like hawking, selling vegetables in the city markets and working as helpers in roadside eating houses and tea stalls.

They often do not have access to safe drinking water, are deprived of any health care when ill and suffer from acute malnutrition. Frequent harassment by the police and sexual abuse adds to their plight. With no education, recreation or social acceptance their future as adults is grim.


The objectives that ASKMSC seeks to attain to help some of these street children to break this vicious circle, may be summed up as follows:

  • Running homes to accommodate orphaned, abandoned and other children in need.

  • Offering basic services like education, health care, clothing and daily meals.

  • Finding personal sponsors for the children.

  • Admitting them in formal schools to put them into the mainstream of child population.

  • Providing tuition fees, books, pencils and exercise books throughout the academic year.

  • Giving social counselling and life guidance.

  • Offering further support for vocational training, higher studies and job guidance
    when and where required.

  • Providing them with facilities and time for recreation.