A duly elected Governing Body manages the society. A written constitution lays down the functions, responsibilities and terms of office of the office bearers.

The ASKMSC submits its Annual Returns after the end of every accounting year with the Registrar of Firms, Societies & Non-Trading Corporations, West Bengal, as required under the West Bengal Society Registration Act, 1961. Part of these Annual Returns is the Annual Report on the work of the society. This report gives detailed accounts on the work of the ASKMSC.


Sources of Income

The ASKMSC initially mainly depended on the German organisation Aktion Lebenshilfe fur Indiens Strassenkinder eV for funds. With the years some other donor organisations became great financial pillars, too, mainly the British NGO A.S.K. Children's Trust and the Italian organisation Sudtiroler Arzte fur die Dritte Welt are to be mentioned here.

A part of ASKMSC's funds also comes from the membership fees of its members and from regular contributions from its friends and well-wishers. We do thank all those who have contributed to fulfil our goals!

All donors are granted exemption from income tax for any donation made to ASKMSC under the section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1968.